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Gato no verde

Veterinary dentistry

                                                                                is an area that has been

growing and becoming increasingly important for the health of animals.


Poor oral health can lead to heart, kidney, liver, stomach and even joint problems.


All animals have or will have a dental problem throughout their lives, however, this can be avoided with annual consultations and preventive treatments.

As with humans, dental problems must be treated by trained and qualified specialists in veterinary dentistry.

In this way, diseases are correctly diagnosed and treated through knowledge with quality and efficiency.

The care your pet deserves, with the latest technology.


Digital intraoral radiograph

High quality image and in less time allows faster treatment and a higher rate of diagnosis.

Dental Equipment Esterilizador
Ultrasonic device with automatic adjustment

The auto adjustment of the tip allows a more adequate vibration for the enamel scraping.

Specific Vet equipment

Specialized for veterinary dentistry and specific sizes for pets.

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