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Symptoms and Prevention

Dog on Blue

Dental tartar is the calcification of the bacterial plaque that covers the teeth and part of the gums, forming a calcified plaque of bacteria that, if left untreated, can cause periodontitis, gingivitis, bad breath and even the loss of your pet's tooth.

Their formation is influenced by food, saliva pH and oral hygiene.

What is tartar?


  • bad breath

  • prefers soft foods

  • stop chewing or playing

  • salivation

  • gingival bleeding

  • aggressiveness

  • lethargy

  • facial swelling

  • nasal discharge


  • daily brushing with specific veterinary paste

  • annual dentist appointments

  • hard foods

  • chew toys

  • specific bones

  • dehydrated cow hoof

  • attention to symptoms

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